Take Action

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Help the Parkinson’s Foundation spread the word about Aware in Care.

Order a Kit
Order an Aware in Care kit for a family member or friend living with Parkinson’s disease.

If you live in Canada, call Parkinson Alberta at 1-877-243-9992 or Parkinson Society British Columbia at 1-800-668-3330 to order your kit.

Share with Others
Check out our Resources page to learn how to bring Aware in Care to your local chapter or support group.

Help us Spread the Word
Post the following message about Aware in Care on your Facebook page:

I just ordered an Aware in Care kit from the Parkinson’s Foundation to be ready for my next hospital visit. Get the kit, know the facts, be Aware in Care. 

Web Banner — Add an Aware in Care banner to your website or blog to spread the word and help people with Parkinson’s get the care they need. To download this image, right-click on it and choose “Save Picture As.” Choose your destination and save the image there. Don’t forget to hyperlink it to the Aware in Care site: www.awareincare.org.