PD and Hospitalization

The Facts

  • People with Parkinson’s are hospitalized 50% more than their non-PD peers 3
  • 3 out of 4 people with Parkinson’s do not receive medications on time in the hospital1
  • 61% of patients who did not get their medications on time had serious complications from it1

The Results

  • People with Parkinson’s suffer avoidable complications at a higher rate than non-PD patients.3,4,5
  • The average hospital stay for a person with Parkinson’s is longer than those of non-PD patients3,5

Why is this Happening?

  • Lack of understanding of Parkinson’s disease – symptoms, treatment, etc. even in the very best hospitals in the U.S.
  • Lack of awareness about the critical importance of Parkinson’s medication timing
  • Lack of awareness that many common medications for pain, nausea, depression, and psychosis are unsafe for people with Parkinson’s
  • Hospital pharmacies that do not stock the full array of Parkinson’s medications
  • Lack of awareness that poorly-managed Parkinson’s might result in mental confusion and other serious symptoms


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