I Work in a Hospital


As a health care professional, you strive each day to provide quality care to every patient.

Aware in Care can help you and your team provide quality care to people with Parkinson’s disease during hospitalization.

If a person with Parkinson’s arrives in your hospital with an Aware in Care kit, you should know that it was prepared and reviewed by academic experts in Parkinson’s care and the guidance in it is based on the best practices of the top academic medical centers: the NPF Centers of Excellence.

If you want to get involved, here are some ideas for ways to raise awareness about the special needs of people with Parkinson’s in your hospital:

  • Make sure your patients get their anti-Parkinson’s medications on time, every time!
  • Order an Aware in Care kit. Review the kit to get familiar with the special circumstances that people with Parkinson’s disease face in the hospital, especially around medication timing and contraindicated medications.
  • Share Aware in Care with members of your team. Display an Aware in Care poster in your hospital and share vital information during a staff meeting.
  • Include Parkinson’s and hospitalization as a topic at your next educational event. NPF has resources (video, discussion guide and PowerPoint presentation) that can be used in this way.

Need assistance? The National Parkinson Foundation is here to help. Call us at 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) or email helpline@parkinson.org.