I Am a Support Group Leader

Parkinson's Support Group

As a support group leader, you play a vital role in communicating critical information to people with Parkinson’s disease, their care partners, and families.

You can use the Aware in Care materials to help you discuss the risks that people with Parkinson’s face in the hospital, as well as some of the strategies available to avoid these risks and get high quality care during the next hospital visit. If you are not an NPF affiliate, NPF will provide you with a sample kit and postcards to distribute so that your members can order kits.

The National Parkinson Foundation recommends the following steps for you to take:

  • Get a sample kit. If you are affiliated with an NPF Chapter, your executive director can order Aware in Care kits for your support group today by calling 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636). If your support group is independent, your members can order individual kits online or through the Helpline. Call the Helpline to order postcards to distribute and posters to display to raise awareness of hospitalization issues. If you live in Canada, call Parkinson Alberta at 1-877-243-9992 to find out how your members can order their kits.
  • Participate in the Aware in Care training offered by the National Parkinson Foundation. This 20 minute audio PowerPoint provides an overview of the program and the key messages to communicate. You will be given the link to this training when you call to order the kits.
  • Download the Aware in Care Discussion Guide for support group leaders. This document provides a suggested format for the support group meeting that will focus on Parkinson’s and hospitalization.

Need assistance? The National Parkinson Foundation is here to help. Call us at 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) or email helpline@parkinson.org.